Where lies your landmark, seamark, or soul’s star?

-Gerard Manley Hopkins (1886)

I am a photographer. I capture people in interesting places, etching interesting moments into frozen replays, where I have time to go back and glance over every detail and quietly observe those things which were passing too quickly to consider. In much of my street photography, people are glued to their phones, staring down at them as the hurriedly weave through a bustling city. It recalls society’s increasing engagement with the technoscape that has replaced the natural landscape that I think we all used to enjoy. It feels like we are all battling this technoscape in search of true beauty. I wanted to do something about it.


I love Monet’s paintings. I love the fluid expression of impressionism and the ephemeral feeling of a loose yet fulfilling painting that reaches so deeply, somehow evoking emotions that I can’t explain. There is a beauty there that can only be painted. And yet, there is a certain power in the photographed image that is undeniable. Rather than seeing them compete, I make a marriage of the two mediums. 


The marriage of mediums becomes literal when I retain the power of the modern photograph and begin to paint directly on it. The brushstrokes are inspired by the masters of impressionism of over a century ago. Those who made magic out of gestural strokes depicting glimmering outdoor light and evoking impassioned feelings of a golden-hour adventure. This is my same goal, laying the feelings and joy of classic painting over the hard, true nature of my photographs of humanity to create a king of elegant metamorphosis.


I hope my work is a compelling urge to return to nature,  an invitation to take a step outside, to walk a little farther and listen, take in hand, and feel the awe-inspiring wonder of our world.


Return To Nature