About Amelia Rose 

Amelia is a thriving contemporary artist and photographer residing in Phoenix, Arizona. Born in Springfield Massachusetts, she moved to the west coast at a young age where she spent a majority of her adolescence. Her formative years were shaped by intimate, personal strife including surviving a natural disaster and the unexpected death of her father.

From the years 2008-2011 Amelia studied abroad with a performing arts college teaching children and performing on stage. In 2011 while living in Japan for the spring the tsunami and earthquake hit. After that event she decided to return home to America and begin a new career. She had fallen so deeply in love with shooting through-out her travels and decided to dedicate herself to pursing a new career path in photography and art.

In her artistic process, Amelia has evolved from photographing street scenes to creating contemporary art with the photos she captures. After visiting museums all over the world she became greatly influenced by the masterworks of Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh and began oil painting over her photos. Her work resembles the great impressionists with hints of floral and rich texture. 

With each image captured she attempts to tell an honest story that only lives for a fleeting moment.